Individual Programs

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master”

Christian Laus Lang

Individual Treatment Programs

Individual treatment programs are offered for children, teens, and adults who are looking to regain a healthier balance on the role that technology plays in their lives. The treatment programs will place major emphasis on helping individuals refocus on living their lives according to the people, values, and opportunities that matter most to them.

We will use a combination of techniques with an emphasis on mindfulness and present-moment focus to help people get back on track with living their lives actively and intentionally, according to their personal goals and values as opposed to living in a mindless, distracted, and constantly plugged-in existence.

The goal of these programs is NOT to eliminate technology use from daily lives. Instead, the primary focus is to help people develop better balance and a healthier relationship with technology so that it can be used as an effective tool in living the life that matters to them.

Individual Treatment Programs will be continuously offered to children, teens, adults, and families who would like to work in a one-to-one setting to achieve a better balance for technology in their lives. Individual treatment programs can be done as a structured, 8-week program with 1-hour weekly sessions. Alternatively, individual treatment can be customized to meet your specific goals.