Evolve Child Psychology, Calgary, AB

Dr. Michelle Kincade is the founder and director of Evolve Child Psychology in Calgary, Alberta. Dr. Kincade is a highly trained Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist who offers a wide range of services and welcomes clients of all ages. She established Evolve Child Psychology out of a growing interest for high quality and comprehensive psychological and assessment services for children.

If you are concerned about your child’s emotional well-being or behaviour, we can help you take the steps toward improved functioning.

Like life, sometimes the waves in the ocean are smooth, calm and predictable. At other times, ocean waves can seem huge, chaotic and scary. When things feel overwhelming and insurmountable, we can help you and your child move through these challenges with resilience and flexibility.

When difficulties with learning or attention are getting in the way, we can help to understand and start making things easier.

Whether you have questions about why your child is struggling to learn in school, why they excel in some areas but not in others, or why they may seem unmotivated and bored in the classroom, we can provide important insights as well as recommendations and strategies to help your child learn and develop to their full potential.

Neuropsychology is a specialized field of clinical psychology that focuses on understanding how brain function impacts thinking, behaviour, and emotion.

The functioning of the human brain can be one of the most powerful influences on our behaviour. Working with a pediatric neuropsychologist can help to provide insight about how your child’s functioning may be related to their stage of brain development, or how they may be affected by injuries or disorders involving the brain.

Helping children and teens find BALANCE in a world of powerful digital technology.

Many parents have concerns regarding their child’s use of technology including: their online behaviors, safety and privacy, as well as the amount of time spent using technology. Although there are many benefits to digital technology, children and teens require support and guidance to learn how to use these tools in a way that is most beneficial for them.

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