School Admission Testing

“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children”

Walt Disney

School Admission Testing

Certain school programs, many charter and private schools require students to complete a psychoeducational assessment as part of the application for admission process. We routinely provide these assessments and are aware of the requirements for most specialized programs within Calgary and surrounding areas. We are able to provide program-specific assessments to provide you with the required assessment results for your specific program, which is usually more cost-effective.

GATE (giftedness program in the CBE) Admissions

GATE programs in the Calgary Board of Education start in grade 4. Applications are typically due in February prior to the September of the anticipated enrolment. It is wise to complete the psycho-educational assessment well ahead of the February application deadline to ensure that we will be able to get you in on time.

However, if you have left this requirement until the last minute, please call us and we will do our very best to complete this assessment for you as quickly as possible. (*subject to availability and may be subject to an expedited fee*) - view website

Private School Admissions

Many private schools in Calgary (e.g. Calgary Academy, Foothills Academy, Rundle Academy) may require prospective applicants to obtain a psychoeducational assessment as part of the application process. We are able to provide you with required assessment results. Although we can usually accommodate requests within a fairly short time-frame, it is wise to schedule these assessments well before the application deadline for your prospective school or program.

Westmount Charter School Admissions

Westmount Charter School is a publicly funded charter school in Calgary that is geared towards the education of gifted learners. There are 2 campuses divided into the elementary school for Kindergarten to grade 4 students, and a mid-high campus for grade 5 to 12 students. Prospective students must submit application packages to Westmount for consideration for admission. As part of the application package, a psychological assessment of cognitive abilities is typically required and must be obtained privately by parents. At EVOLVE, we provide assessments for many prospective Westmount students every year.

It is important to be aware of application deadline dates and to complete assessments well in advance of the deadline in order to ensure that you will have adequate time to obtain the assessment. For elementary students (including Kindergarten), application deadlines are typically December 1st for the year prior to admission. Therefore, 4-year-olds should complete the required assessment in the fall of the year prior to starting Kindergarten.

More information regarding admission requirements for the Elementary School program at Westmount can be found at the following link: view website

The deadline for application submission for students in the mid-high campus is usually a bit later, often in the February prior to the anticipated September enrolment (*but make sure to check with Westmount for the specific deadline date*). Again, it is prudent to schedule a private psychological assessment well before the application deadline date to ensure that it can be completed with adequate time.

More information on the admission requirements for the Mid-High program at Westmount can be found at: view website

If you have decided at the last minute to apply to Westmount, don’t despair. Call us and we will do our very best to get you in for an assessment and to get you the required assessment results in time for the deadline. (*subject to availability and may be subject to an expedited fee*)