About Us

“All a kid needs is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them.”

Magic Johnson
At Evolve, we believe in the inherent strengths of all of our clients. We see our role as gardeners to help nurture those strengths. That is, we are here to help families, parents, and educators create the optimal conditions for children and teens to thrive while maintaining confidence and patience that growth will occur in the timeframe and on the path that is right for them.
When we help children and parents to develop new skills, build understanding, and help to instill our confidence about childrens’ ability to thrive, we see critical shifts in their resilience and their ability to move forward in their life’s journeys.

Why Choose Evolve

Psychologists in Alberta can have a wide range of education levels, training and experience. There are also individuals who practice as counselors or therapists who may not have specific education and training in psychology, but who may come from a variety of other training backgrounds. As a result, it is important to understand the details of a professional’s particular background in order to ensure that they have appropriate expertise to address your specific areas of concern.

Evolve Psychology was founded by, and is led by, Dr. Michelle Kincade. Dr. Kincade has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with specialized, intensive training in Clinical Neuropsychology. In total, she has 13 years of formal, university education including two graduate degrees (Masters and Ph.D.) in psychology. She attended highly recognized universities and trained in nationally accredited graduate-level training programs. In addition to having the educational background, Dr. Kincade had the opportunity to be supervised in practical therapy and assessment work by very experienced mentors from a variety of theoretical backgrounds. She has been an independent practicing psychologist in Alberta since 2004.

While many psychologists may offer to do neuropsychological testing, only individuals who have completed specialized, intensive training programs in this area can be considered to be Neuropsychologists. Dr. Kincade’s formal education in Neuropsychology included several years of working in hospitals with patients who had suffered neurological illnesses or injuries. She also spent years studying brain anatomy including which brain regions are involved in certain types of behavioural functioning. Dr. Kincade also spent several years doing neuroimaging research for the purpose of understanding how the brain changes and recovers following a stroke. As a result of her extensive education and training experiences, Dr. Kincade is a highly trained Neuropsychologist who can provide expert opinions about brain and behaviour relationships.

The Evolve team includes only professionals who have outstanding levels of education and training in their specific fields of expertise. Therefore, you can be assured that the individuals you work with at Evolve will provide the highest levels of service and work closely with Dr. Kincade, or are directly supervised by her.