Second Opinions & New Ideas

“I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions”

Lou Holtz

Second Opinions & New Ideas

At Evolve, we are happy to review previous assessment results and reports from other professionals to help understand and interpret the results. Sometimes a “fresh pair of eyes” can contribute some new ideas for capitalizing on one’s strengths to help compensate for areas of challenge. We are also happy to consult directly with parents and teachers to help provide recommendations and suggestions with more in-depth educational interventions and strategies for children who are struggling with learning or attention difficulties.

Because of Dr. Kincade’s expertise in both clinical psychology and neuropsychology, a small amount of additional testing or follow-up interviews may help complete the understanding of students with complex learning profiles.

For instance, we have often had other psychologists refer clients to us for follow-up and specialized testing when standardized psychoeducational assessments do not seem to be able to fully capture a student’s particular challenges.

We also often receive referrals from family physicians, pediatricians, neurologists and psychiatrists who would like the contribution of the clinical impressions of a trained neuropsychologist to assist in making diagnostic and treatment planning decisions. We are happy to work as a collaborative member of multi-disciplinary teams with the specific goal of helping to improve the learning opportunities, social and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages.